Our Brussels TMT team organizes a series of five roundtable debates dedicated to the GDPR.

In these sessions, we tackle several challenges of implementing this Regulation in your IT sourcing approach by means of concrete examples and case studies. We focus on the allocation of GDPR responsibilities between your company and its IT providers, new rights for data subjects, security, high risk processing, and how to retrofit this all in your existing IT contracts and big data policies.

All the sessions take place on a Friday during lunch time.

In our three past sessions:

  1. We identified GDPR related challenges in IT contracts and defined a check list of the main issues to be addressed to align in that respect, e.g. accommodating allocation of responsibilities, sub-processing, data subject rights, data transfer, data portability and auditability.
  2. We focused on legal solutions: how to build the proper legal clauses and regimes in your IT service contracts. 
  3. We focused on the GDPR implications for your big data projects, such as purpose limitation, data minimization, data subject rights, automated decision making etc. What do they mean concretely and how to accommodate them in your big data policies.

In our last two sessions:

  1. We will focus on what GDPR requires in terms of IT security and how you should deal with data breaches. This roundtable will take place on 2 February 2018.
    If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to Sofie Van Yperzeele
  2. Our last GDPR topic is a wild card topic, which will be chosen based on the preferences expressed by the participants of the prior sessions. This session will take place on  2 March 2018. If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to Sofie Van Yperzeele.

Our teams share their best practices and discuss their insights with you. They draw on their first-hand expertise in this field, as well as on their extensive experience. Each session is opened and moderated by Erik Valgaeren, head of the TMT practice.